Gyouho Kim

Gyouho Kim

Contact Information:

EECS Building
1301 Beal Avenue
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2122
[email protected]

Research Interest:

Ultra-low Power VLSI Design

Current Research:

Ultra-low Power Visual Monitoring System 

Optical sensing opens up new applications for cubic-millimeter scale sensor node ranging from military surveillance to in vivo molecular imaging. CMOS image sensors have been widely used as an alternative to CCD counterparts mainly due to its compatibility with other CMOS circuitry, among other benefits. Conventional CMOS image sensor designs, however, focus on achieving higher resolution, better signal integrity or faster readout speed, often at the expense of power consumption, rendering them unsuitable for a self-contained sensor with limited energy budget. My current research focuses on designing highly energy-efficient CMOS image sensor capable of detecting motion within the array circuitry, known as in-pixel motion detection. A significant energy saving can be achieved by avoiding the need for storing full-frame images and post-processing the data with a DSP processor.