Sudherssen Kalaiselvan

Sudherssen Kalaiselvan

Contact Information

4749 CSE
2260 Hayward St.
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2121
Ph: 734-262-1090
[email protected]

Research Interest:

My current research interests are designing circuits, which allow soft error tolerance along with timing error detection. These circuits are typically used in processors which allow dynamic voltage scaling.

Current Research:

I am currently working in the testing of RAZOR III microprocessor and in the design of RAZOR IV microprocessor. Recently, we designed and taped out RAZOR III microprocessor which can detect timing errors occurring due to dynamic scaling of the supply voltage, as well as soft errors due to cosmic radiations.The circuit for error detection (RAZOR III latch) is designed tunable so that it works even under mismatches, hence increasing the reliability of error detection.