Yu-Shiang Lin

Yu-Shiang Lin

Contact Information:

3424 EECS
1301 Beal Avenue
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2121
Ph: 734-709-6551
Fax: 734-763-4617
[email protected]

Research Interest:

My research interest is on low power VLSI circuits design, especially in subthreshold region. I also interested in leakage analysis for digital circuit.

Current Research:

I am working mainly for circuit design on low power monitoring system right now. In order to sustain the system with comparable size battery, the power requirement is the most crucial part for our design. My project is more focused on communication and time keeping for such a system. Investigating the possible mechanism for data communication, I am working on both capacitive coupling and inductive coupling for near field communication. 

The other project I am working on is intraocular pressure measuring system. The goal is to implement a self-sustained system including pressure sensor, circuit, and battery as an implantable device for the eye.