Low Voltage SRAM Design



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Bo Zhai <[email protected]>

In this research, we present the first deep subthreshold 6-T SRAM which functions from 1.2V to 193mV, fabricated in an industrial 0.13?m CMOS technology. It provides 1.6x energy efficiency improvement over the previously proposed mux-based subthreshold SRAM designs while using only half the area. Adjustable footer and headers are introduced, as well as body bias techniques to allow low voltage operation.


A sub-200mV 6T SRAM in 130nm CMOS

Bo Zhai, David Blaauw, Dennis Sylvester, Scott Hanson, “A sub-200mV 6T SRAM in 130nm CMOS,” IEEE International Solid-State Circuits Conference (ISSCC), February 2007 ©IEEE