Kyojin Choo

Kyojin Choo

Contact Information:

2431 EECS
1401 Beal Avenue
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2122
[email protected]

Research Interest:

Energy-efficient and application-aware-optimum analog/mixed-signal circuit techniques

Current Research:

Image sensor system for IoT/surveillance On course of expanding the capabilities of small IoT devices to be able to sense and process image data under its tight physical constraints, I am researching into ways to do energy/performance optimum design of imaging system. The research involves me to look into new ways of doing readout, post-processing and transfer of data with evaluations on optimum placement of intelligence and resource. Many novel relevant circuit techniques ranging from ADCs, PMUs to micro-controllers/accelerators are under investigation.

Clock synthesis Although the area of clock generation have been heavily investigated for the past 60 years and the engineering community has over-delivered in terms of supplying viable techniques to meet most consumer requirements, I believe there are still some meaningful pursuits left for engineers living today to tackle to further enhance noise/energy trade-offs.

u-Actuator control I am looking into means to enable kinetic actuation of mm-scale system and to integrate controller/energy to it in a self-contained way.