Dongwoo Lee

Dongwoo Lee

Contact Information:

2001 EECS
1301 Beal Avenue
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2122
[email protected]

Research Interest:

Analysis of low power VLSI. Analysis and minimization of leakage current. Static timing analysis.

Current Research:

My current research focuses on analysis and minimization of leakage power in current and future technologies. We propose a new leakage minimization technique for the subthreshold leakage current (Isub) in standby mode. This method combines the input state dependence of leakage current of a gate and dual Vt technology. In addition to the subthreshold leakage current, the gate tunneling leakage current (Igate) should be considered in the total leakage current due to increased amount of Igate in recent technologies. Before proposing a Igate minimization technique, a new circuit level estimation method of Igate is developed. Based on this analysis of Igate, we propose a new approach for the total leakage current minimization including both Isub and Igate. In addition to input state and Vt, dual oxide thickness is assigned for the Igate reduction. 
As a future work, the analysis and minimization of leakage current in standby mode will be extended to that of runtime mode.